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Installing Rapid Electronics Central Locking
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18th of July, 2010

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How to install Rapid Electronics Central Locking.

Click here to download wiring information specific to your vehicle.
Visitor Comments
  1. Comment #1 (Posted by Jerry Meades )
    Is it possible to wire in a fifth actuator in a Nissan Patrol rear door?. If so is there a diagram for this?.
  2. Comment #2 (Posted by Admin)
    Hi, yes you can add additional actuators. They are sold in our Central Locking catagory.
  3. Comment #3 (Posted by Ben )
    how will these motors cope with older cars (a CL Chrysler in particular) the front locks can be a bit tight.....
  4. Comment #4 (Posted by Admin)
    Hi, they will be fine, we only use heavy duty models.
  5. Comment #5 (Posted by patty )
    where do you connect the brown and white wires to?
  6. Comment #6 (Posted by Admin)
    Hi, the brown and white are spare wires which only need to be used if you're adding an alarm to this system. The alarm will then use them to lock and unlock the doors when you arm and disarm it.
  7. Comment #7 (Posted by andrew)
    where do you attach a siren/horn to this ?
  8. Comment #8 (Posted by Admin )
    Please have a look at the diagram here http://www.rapidelectronics.com.au/gallery/Remote_CDL_Manual.jpg
  9. Comment #9 (Posted by Brett )
    Please provide wiring diagram to wire a 5th actuator to a rear hatch.
  10. Comment #10 (Posted by Admin )
    Hi, you just piggy back off any other actuator.
  11. Comment #11 (Posted by Brett )
    That won't work. Everytime I open the doors the boot will open as well.
  12. Comment #12 (Posted by Admin )
    Ok, so you don't actually want a 5th actuator, you want a trunk release system .
  13. Comment #13 (Posted by richard )
    hi. is it possible to use this on a 2 door (ute) or is there a kit for this.
  14. Comment #14 (Posted by Admin )
    Hi, yes it will work. The amount of doors doesn't affect operation.
  15. Comment #15 (Posted by Luke )
    I can only get my kit to lock, both manually and via the remote both doors lock but pressing the unlock button on the remote does nothing (tiny movement in master actuator) and manually unlocking the master does not unlock the slave.. Any ideas?
  16. Comment #16 (Posted by Admin )
    Try this http://www.rapidelectronics.com.au/Repair.jpg
  17. Comment #17 (Posted by Luke)
    absolute genius! worked striaght away, your doing your job very well! many thanks
  18. Comment #18 (Posted by Admin )
  19. Comment #19 (Posted by Anonymous)
    how would i attach a boot realase wiring to this? i have just bought this i have looked at the other diagram and it says hold a button for two seconds to trigger boot realse but cant seem to find the wire for it. would i be correct in assuming that the pink wire the one that going to the siren is the one you would connect it to?
  20. Comment #20 (Posted by Admin )
    Hi, you use the blue wire shown with a boot icon in the included diagram. This is a low level negative output which you use to drive a relay. The relay will then trigger your trunk solonoid.
  21. Comment #21 (Posted by Anonymous)
    thanks mate arron
  22. Comment #22 (Posted by Arron)
    hey i camt seem to get the boot release to work.i have cut both wire to my boot relase when i touch them the boot opens. i connect the blue/kinda green wire the both of these wires at different times and hold the unlock button. only the doors unlock. could you please explain it for me how to use this relay or.... thanks mate arron
  23. Comment #23 (Posted by Admin )
  24. Comment #24 (Posted by krunal Patel )
    Generally where can i find the main Unit for central locking in my car, its all ready install and i want to change with new one.
  25. Comment #25 (Posted by Admin )
    Hi, you will find it in the Kick Trim, Door or behind the dash. If it is still working, you can hear it clicking when you lock the doors.
  26. Comment #26 (Posted by krunal Patel )
    I got your central locking kit and its installed and it is working but where can i join the wire for directing lighting in the car?
  27. Comment #27 (Posted by Michael Ratcliffe )
    Hi, I have just installed the central locking kit and am having a few problems with the operation of it. When I press lock the car locks and then immediately unlocks again. This is only happening some of the time. How do I fix this, as I need to know that when I am out and I lock the car, the car doesn’t unlock itself without me knowing. thanks.
  28. Comment #28 (Posted by Admin )
    Hi, this is due to the adjustment in the drivers door (master actuator) disconnect the brown and white wires in the drivers door.
  29. Comment #29 (Posted by Joy )
    I have just ordered 2 of these kits. Can I use an actuator out of one of the kits (as it being used in a 2 door) and add it to the other for a Nissan Patrol 5th door?
  30. Comment #30 (Posted by Admin )
    You sure can. You simply PiggyBack from the nearest point.
  31. Comment #31 (Posted by Bruce )
    Hi had the problem of car locks and then immediately unlocks again, only way to resolve it was to join the Alarm Brown and white wires together, however no movement in slave actuators when manual operating master actuator, but all functions on remote any ideas
  32. Comment #32 (Posted by Admin )
    Hi, the solution is simple. Whenever you reverse polarity on the green abd blue wires of a master actuator, you must do the same with the brown and white wires.
  33. Comment #33 (Posted by gerry )
    Please can you tell me which wire would be used on the central locking kit to activate the auto window lift kit, thank-you
  34. Comment #34 (Posted by Admin )
    Hi, you would use the Green wire from the actuator.
  35. Comment #35 (Posted by joe )
    Hi, I have just bought a rapid keyless central locking kit for a 1993 75 series landcruiser ute. I found a spare red and black wire in a clip. Checked red wire with test light, light was on. Would this be power and black ground? And also which coloured wires and where to connect wires for indicator lights. thanks
  36. Comment #36 (Posted by Admin )
    Hi, you are best off using this item http://www.rapidelectronics.com.au/products/Alarm-Wiring.html
  37. Comment #37 (Posted by Bev )
    Hi, I've just fitted the remote lock to a 2001 hilux duelcab. When I operate the lock it locks then unlocks. If I connect the white and brown spare wires together the doors then lock/unlock ok with the remote but then not from the drivers doorif I press it manually. Any ideas? Thanks
  38. Comment #38 (Posted by Admin )
    Hi, read comment 32
  39. Comment #39 (Posted by Bev )
    Thanks for the advice. Also I cannot find SW1 (step 6 on the wiring install) for the learning but the remote seems to work. Is this step no longer relevant for this model. Bev
  40. Comment #40 (Posted by Admin )
    Hi, learning is required for adding new remotes. Existing remotes are pre-learned. The SW1 is inside the module on the circuit board.
  41. Comment #41 (Posted by Andrew )
    can you install these in a 2006 landcruiser with a cable locking system? thanks regards Andrew
  42. Comment #42 (Posted by Admin )
    Hi, yes you can by either connecting directly to the mechanism, or slicing into the cable itself.
  43. Comment #43 (Posted by Jay )
    I just bought the system, can you tell me, straight out of the packet, are the actuators locked or unlocked?
  44. Comment #44 (Posted by Admin )
    Hi, they are in neutral. The unlock position is when the actuator is fully extended.
  45. Comment #45 (Posted by Jay )
    If I found the common direction lights cable (that will flash both at the same time) would I connect one of the brown cables or both?
  46. Comment #46 (Posted by Admin )
    Hi, the 2 brown wires are linked together inside the module. They are the same thing therefor you would only need to use one.
  47. Comment #47 (Posted by dennis robins )
    i have 2008 nissan navara dual cab it central locking but not remote . Can the rapid kit be used without replacing door actuators
  48. Comment #48 (Posted by Admin )
    Yes you can. Contact me before the installation and I will guide you through it. 0411313002
  49. Comment #49 (Posted by Scott Penrose )
    OMG: I have a 2006 Nissan Narvara Dual Cab. i have pulled the trim off and looked at the door in horror. I have the side lock system with lock rods going everywhere. I have been told i only have to change the drivers door acuator and it will operate the other three!!!. Which acutator( 4 wire or 2 wire) do i use as i can only see two wires coming out from the drivers door lock area. I assume i fit the acutator some how to the rod that attached to the slide door lock!!!. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Scotty
  50. Comment #50 (Posted by Admin )
    Hi, simply connect the power (red and black wires of main unit) then run the green and blue wires to a slave actuator which you should attach to the drivers door.
  51. Comment #51 (Posted by Andy Sanders )
    just fitted remote 5door central locking (extra acctuator fitted) to my 80 series landcruiser fantastic to fit how do I connect indicator lights to system so they flash lock unlock. regards Andy
  52. Comment #52 (Posted by Admin )
    Connect the 2 brown wires to your left and right indicator circuits. In your case, they are green/yellow and green/black found at your steering column.
  53. Comment #53 (Posted by Brett )
    Hi, I was given a full remote central locking kit for Christmas, I own a 2003 navara dual cab that already has central locking but I want to utilise the remote function from the kit, do I have to replace all of the acuators or can I splice into existing wiring? or am I able to piggy back the control to existing set up? also where is the best place to locate the control unit?
  54. Comment #54 (Posted by Admin )
    Hi, you should install one slave actuator in the drivers door, and install the module to power and earth, it's that easy. Location of the module does not matter, as long as it is clear of heat or water.
  55. Comment #55 (Posted by Joy )
    Question for you, I have installed the remote central locking kit to a Ford Maverick (5 doors) it locks then immediately unlocks again. My partner who has installed it is worried about the imobiliser in the unit as my car wont start imobilised. Any ideas, as it is draining my battery by locking and unlocking itself whenever it wants to and I am loosing faith with it. Please help
  56. Comment #56 (Posted by Admin )
    Hi, our central locking does not come with an immobiliser. Secondly, random unlocking is caused by incorrect adjustment of the master actuator. To illiminate this problem, disconnect the white and brown wires on the master actuator.
  57. Comment #57 (Posted by Anonymous)
    i am having a little trouble i have installed the system to only 2 doors when i push the remote the driver door does nothing but the passenger opens then closes
  58. Comment #58 (Posted by Admin )
    Hi, sounds like you have broken a wire which runs to the drivers door. To confirm, try swapping the actuators.
  59. Comment #59 (Posted by matt )
    hi, i have a 4 door system i have just fitted to a 94 hilux. the system works fine when operated from a battery jump pack, but when i run 12v power to the control module from the vehicle battery and eath to the body, it immediately blows the fuse. when i run an earth directly to the battery, it blows the fuse. i tried a 25 amp fuse, all works ok, but extreme heat through wiring, then actuators stop working. let cool for a few mins, fitted 10 amp fuse again and hooked up to jump pack, all ok. i have no issues with any other circuits on the vehicle, and cannot see any damage to central locking wiring loom......is it likely to be a short in the vehicle body somewhere, and if so, why would it blow fuses when earthed directly to the battery, and if it is a short,but no other circuits appear to be affected, where should i start looking? Your advise is greatly appreciated.
  60. Comment #60 (Posted by Admin )
    Hi, this sounds complicated, please call our technician on 0411313002 during working hours. Thanks
  61. Comment #61 (Posted by gabriel )
    purchased central locking kit order no#410.could you please advise me where i find the power harness in a honda civic 1987 and how do i connect the red power wire and the black earth wire.thank you much appreciated
  62. Comment #62 (Posted by Admin )
    Hi, behind the key barrel, thick white = 12v Battery. Ground to chassis.
  63. Comment #63 (Posted by gabriel )
    found harness but there are 2 thick white wires,can i connect to eithier one?
  64. Comment #64 (Posted by Admin )
    Yes. Make sure it is pure white. Not White with a Red stripe.
  65. Comment #65 (Posted by Gabriel )
    will do,thanks heaps
  66. Comment #66 (Posted by james )
    My central locking stopped working. I can hear the clicking sound when I manually unlock or lock the drivers side door. So would this be a mechanical or electrical issue ? Cheers for your help
  67. Comment #67 (Posted by Admin )
    Hi, I need more information, you need to call me on 0411313002
  68. Comment #68 (Posted by greg )
    Hi I have just installed the central locking ubit in a Diahatsu Sirion.Upon first connection of module the loks wre locking and unlocking themselves constantly.I disconnected the module to stop this to adjust the master acuateras i thought this would be the problem.After 2 adjustment attempts the ubit has stopped woring all together?I have check the fuse and it is ok.The doors do not lock with the remote or manually from the drivers door. It seems the modlue has failed?
  69. Comment #69 (Posted by Admin )
    Hi, please check the message that was attached to the box the item came in. Simply reverse the brown and white wire on the master actuator.
  70. Comment #70 (Posted by greg )
    Hi, Thanks for your prompt reply.I just tried swapping the brown and white wires to no avail.I think the problem is in the module.There is power and earth to the module but there is no response from the module at all.When manually locking drivers door there is also no response from the other door.
  71. Comment #71 (Posted by Admin )
    Hi, please create a warranty ticket.
  72. Comment #72 (Posted by Warwick )
    This is one off the best fitting instructions I've seen on the net.They have gone to a lot of trouble to help people install these fantastic kits themselves. Well done and thanks......
  73. Comment #73 (Posted by Admin )
    WoW, it's nice to read such a comment. Our pleasure.
  74. Comment #74 (Posted by steve mason )
    When you say connect relay to crank wire and yellow module to main ignition do you know what colour these wires are on a 1995 Honda Civic hatch ?
  75. Comment #75 (Posted by Anshuman )
    Hi, thanks for ur help. please describe where to connect white/brown -ve signal wires? i m bit congused while installing system. thanks
  76. Comment #76 (Posted by Admin )
    Hi, they're not needed.
  77. Comment #77 (Posted by jason )
    hi i have installed 4 of these before no worries at all but im doing another one that now has the relay in the kit just wanted to know do u have to use the relay or can it be hooked up like the other ones with out the relay thankyou
  78. Comment #78 (Posted by Admin )
    Hi, if you don't want the new added feature of an immobiliser, you can ignore the relay.
  79. Comment #79 (Posted by Gavin )
    Hi. I purchased the LED to connect to the central locking system. Which wires do I connect to?
  80. Comment #80 (Posted by Admin )
    Red to power and black to negative when armed.
  81. Comment #81 (Posted by Dan )
    Just wanted to thankyou for quick postage and your direct contact number. I installed the central locking kit into my Triton dual cab. It works fantasticly and directions were descriptive which made it very easy.
  82. Comment #82 (Posted by Admin )
    You're welcome, please leave a review in the product review tab found on the product page.
  83. Comment #83 (Posted by chris )
    hi i have just installed your remote central locking but im getting no the actuators have any ideas
  84. Comment #84 (Posted by Admin )
    Hi, what does "no the actuators" mean ?
  85. Comment #85 (Posted by phil )
    I have purchased the remote central locking kit to fit into my 80 Series Landcruiser. The car is fitted with factory remote locking however not remote. Can you advise where I would connect into the factory central locking and with what wires from the kit? Cheers
  86. Comment #86 (Posted by Admin )
    Hi, the correct item is Remote Keyless Entry. It is negative trigger. If you actually purchased Remote Central Locking, then you could simply install one slave actuator into the drivers door and it will all work.
  87. Comment #87 (Posted by Liam )
    Hi, I have a '86 N12 Pulsar, and I'm having trouble connecting the indicators and horn for flashing and beeping when locking and unlocking. I think the horn is negative switching and when i connect the pink wire from the module to the horn wire, nothing happens. Also, with the indicators, I can get one side to flash at a time, but when I connect both brown wires to both left and right sides of the flasher circuit, they play up. Any ideas? Cheers.
  88. Comment #88 (Posted by Admin )
    Hi. 1. Horn trigger needs a relay. 2. You're connecting the wrong indicator wires. This requires phone support 0411 313 002. Thanks
  89. Comment #89 (Posted by kym westhoff )
    Hi there i was given one of your kits when i bought a 85 model nissan 300zx the model number is BSC-LOO3 now it only come with 3 actuators is this correct or is there supposed to be a 4 th actuator now this kit is going into a 2 door if one actuator is missing can i still use this kit as the only actuators that are there have only the green and blue wires coming from them or is the one im missing the master one cheers
  90. Comment #90 (Posted by Admin )
    Hi, our kit comes with 4 actuators. It will work with any number of actuators from one and up.
  91. Comment #91 (Posted by Ainslie )
    where can i find the crank wire in my 98 triton? and could u please explan how connect relay?
  92. Comment #92 (Posted by Admin )
    Hi 1. http://www.rapidelectronics.com.au/knowledge/questions/19/Immobiliser+diagram 2. http://www.rapidelectronics.com.au/categories/Installation-Guides/
  93. Comment #93 (Posted by Dwaine Weinmann )
    G`day mate, your system is easy to understand and fit, however i am having trouble with the central locking system. my hyundai sonata came with central locking. when i fitted your systeym and touch tested the central locking it worked fine, since i connected the wires permentently the central locking does not work, lock or unlock. system still works manually though.
  94. Comment #94 (Posted by Admin )
    Hi, sounds like a short circuit and module damage. Use the contact us ticket system.
  95. Comment #95 (Posted by mark )
    Hi i have purchased a keyless entry system wich i would like to fit in my toyota rav 4 2002. it already has the lock actuators in the doors and activates on the key in the drivers door to lock and unlock.do i need to wire up the door solinoids to the brain or can i pick up a signial through the original door switch and interface it to the brain if so could you tell me witch wires to connect .
  96. Comment #96 (Posted by Admin )
    Hi, the answer is here http://www.rapidelectronics.com.au/products/Alarm-Wiring-Mega-Pack.html
  97. Comment #97 (Posted by Derek Cooper )
    Hi I have purchased and installed your central locking system on a1995 KJ Ford Laser and it working well Could you please tell me which coloured wires on the indicator relay to connect the brown wires to
  98. Comment #98 (Posted by Admin )
    Hi, information can be found under installation guides.
  99. Comment #99 (Posted by Akram )
    hi , i have a problem with the central locking, it doesnt lock or unlock from the drivers door, however it locks only through the passenger front door(all doors lock) but doesnt unlock from it. i checked the circuit and all wires are connected right , i also checked the driver door actuator on the battery and it locks and unlocks. any idea ?
  100. Comment #100 (Posted by Admin )
    Hi, you have mixed up the wiring loom, the central locking if installed correctly would not have the ability to lock or unlock from a passenger door. You should call me to discuss further on 0411313002. Please ensure you are using Rapid Electronics central locking. Thanks.
  101. Comment #101 (Posted by Andrew Pickles )
    Hi, i just took speedy delivery of one of your keyless entry kits for my 95 pathfinder. Having just removed the door trim i have noticed the other 3 doors are controlled by an electronic switch. this switch is controlled by the manual turn of the barrel in the drivers door pressing down on it. this means im guessing if i wire in the keyless entry kit it will only open the other 3 passenger doors. will buying and installing one of your single actuators for the drivers door solve this problem? or have i bought the wrong item? thanks
  102. Comment #102 (Posted by Admin )
    Hi, yes buying a single actuator will do the trick. Follow Fig 4. in the manual.
  103. Comment #103 (Posted by Dan )
    Hi, I have a 2001 Nissan patrol with Nissan central locking. I bought the rapid kit to replace the existing Nissan controller, I cannot work out the wiring colours/function on the existing controller.Any help???? i have trawled the internet for a diagram but can't find one. Many thanks Dan
  104. Comment #104 (Posted by Admin )
    Hi, help can be found on 0411313002
  105. Comment #105 (Posted by Paul Storrs )
    Hi, I purchsed a central locking system for my sons car and we have installed it. They are a great kit and quite easy to install, I congratulate you on your work. I have one little problem, The system radomly locks itself. It also will attempt to re-lock itself when it is already locked. Any ideas, Thanks Paul
  106. Comment #106 (Posted by Admin )
    Hi, thanks for the feedback. This is usually caused by incorrect adjustment of the master actuator, first thing to try is disconnecting the brown and white wires on the master actuator. Let me know if the problem persists.
  107. Comment #107 (Posted by Kingsley )
    Invoice number: 16167 I only want to use the central locking system on 2 doors, without the imbobiliser fuction. Which wires do I connect?
  108. Comment #108 (Posted by admin )
    Hi, you only need to connect power and earth.
  109. Comment #109 (Posted by joel )
    im having a hard time installing my "keyless entry system" that i brought a few months ago, i have a 93 n14 s3 nissan pulsar. the problem is that i have no actuator but all my doors lock/unlock when i open my drivers side door by key, i also have a lock/unlock switch on the driver side door trim which only lock/unlock the other 3 doors. my question is how do i actually install this keyless system to my car? the system didnt come with any info with how to install it, plus would i need an actuator ( from what iv seen i dont have one ) to fit it or could i do it with what is already in the car, please help thanx
  110. Comment #110 (Posted by admin )
    Hi, you need to add a single actuator in the drivers door and drive it with the Keyless Entry system directly.
  111. Comment #111 (Posted by joel )
    would i need to hook it up to to anything else in the door or just my keyless system and it would all work?
  112. Comment #112 (Posted by joel )
    oh sorry, i thought about it all and i know how to do it all now, i just need to hook my system to the actuator and hook the actuator up to the door and it should work right? one last thing i would like to ask about, how do i hook it up to my indicators so they go off when i lock/unlock? thanx
  113. Comment #113 (Posted by admin )
    Hi, yes it will all work. Connect the indicator outputs to your left and right indicators.
  114. Comment #114 (Posted by joel )
    where are they located? couldnt i just hock it up to my hazard light relay?
  115. Comment #115 (Posted by admin )
    Information can be found here http://www.rapidelectronics.com.au/categories/Installation-Guides/ If you can't access the link, then goto installation guides from the home page.
  116. Comment #116 (Posted by joel )
    yep that way worked :) thank you so much for your help
  117. Comment #117 (Posted by joel )
    iv found the problem, the keyless system chip was fired in some places thats why it wouldnt work, i got it off ebay so im probably right. i was just looking through your website and found these. http://www.rapidelectronics.com.au/products/Remote-Keyless-Entry.html http://www.rapidelectronics.com.au/products/Rapid-Electronics-400s-Car-Alarm-Latest-Top-Of-The-Line.html would i be able to connected them up together? by myself?
  118. Comment #118 (Posted by Admin )
    Hi, the 400s Car Alarm is enough, it does everything that the Keyless Entry system does and more.
  119. Comment #119 (Posted by joel )
    wow cheers, now it's not fake or anything is it? 65 for it seems cheap. what is the shiping on it to tassie?
  120. Comment #120 (Posted by Admin )
    Free shipping Australia wide.
  121. Comment #121 (Posted by joel )
    sweet. well im pretty sure ill be buying that with in the month. would it be easy to install by myself?
  122. Comment #122 (Posted by Admin )
    90% of our customers install everything themselves.
  123. Comment #123 (Posted by joel )
    alright thats awesome then, ill deff be buying it then.
  124. Comment #124 (Posted by mark )
    I have a 2002 nissan patrol, with central remote locking, the remotes no longer work, i am guessing the keyless entry system is the one i would require to fit, is this correct Thanks
  125. Comment #125 (Posted by Admin )
  126. Comment #126 (Posted by Mark)
    Thanks, just ordered it, may need the original wiring loom break down so i know which is which, can this be emailed to me?
  127. Comment #127 (Posted by Admin )
  128. Comment #128 (Posted by Haydon )
    Hi i have just install a central locking in my 82 ke70 corolla but ive got a issus on the forth door when i wired it up it makes the other side door stop locking n unlocking so i unplug it again and it works again and help would be great
  129. Comment #129 (Posted by Admin )
    Hi, did you purchase it from us?
  130. Comment #130 (Posted by john )
    Hi i finaly got central locking working ,but only 1 remote is working , WHY doesnt the other 1 work?
  131. Comment #131 (Posted by Admin )
    Open the remote and check the battery.
  132. Comment #132 (Posted by Gilbert )
    Why does this wire diagram show the pass side AND the driver side actuator having 4 wires? The kit I have only the driver side has 4 wires ( Just curriuos )
  133. Comment #133 (Posted by Gilbert )
    With the white and brown VE signal wire do they serve any purpose?
  134. Comment #134 (Posted by Admin )
    They are manual control wires via negative trigger. Mostly not needed unless you're connecting an alarm.
  135. Comment #135 (Posted by shaun )
    what is the green wire that says button for? also is the manual switch trigger needed? what does it do? thanks
  136. Comment #136 (Posted by Admin )
    Hi Shaun Green = Trunk release. Manual trigger is used when bridging to an alarm.
  137. Comment #137 (Posted by brett )
    Hi I have a 94 Rav4 two door, I have just put in only two actuators the main one with five wires and one with the two wires; My problem is the wires that are all ready in the door are different colours. 1- white with red stripe, 2- green with red sripe, 3- brown with blue stripe, 4-blue with red stripe & 5-red with blue stripe. Your colours are white, green , brown, black, blue; can you tell me witch goes to witch as I have tried to match them up but nothing happens. Quick question is it possible to seize the main Actuator or do you just blow a fuse somewhere. Pleas help me as I am stuck, I have red comments and yours, you have very good solutions.
  138. Comment #138 (Posted by bob )
    hey man i just brought your keyless entry pack and i ordered a actuator off ebay i was just wondering how do you connect them? cause the colours are different. on my actulator there is white black blue green and brown and on your keyless there is orange, yellow, white, yellow/black, orange/black and white/black so what wires do i connect to who? also how do i set up the lights for it when i unlock it or whateva? thanx
  139. Comment #139 (Posted by bob )
    the wires i have are. blue - boot release orange - central lock white - central lock yellow - central lock orange/black - central lock back/white - central lock black/yellow - central lock blue - output to parking lights blue - output to parking lights red - to battery +12v black - to battery -12 or ground pink - +12v siren yellow - ground when armed so there are my wires so where do i connect them to? i cant buy the wiring dy cause i have have any money. thanks for your help
  140. Comment #140 (Posted by Admin )
    Hi, the diagram is on the included user manual.
  141. Comment #141 (Posted by bob )
    but it doesnt say what wires go to where. cause there are 6 wires on your kit and 5 on the aculator. just a bit confusing...
  142. Comment #142 (Posted by bob )
    yes iv tried every colour to each wire and the aculator still doesn't move when i try lock/unlock it. what am i doing wrong... i have the red 12v wire to my car bat and the black to my -12v car bat so its making the noise when i click lock/unlock but when i try connect the wires it just wont work. the aculator isn't faulty cause it works when i test it by itself. please help
  143. Comment #143 (Posted by bob )
    the user manual makes no sense to me now. im that confused... please help
  144. Comment #144 (Posted by Admin )
    I will draw a diagram for you.
  145. Comment #145 (Posted by bob )
    how can i see this diagram? thanks
  146. Comment #146 (Posted by Admin )
  147. Comment #147 (Posted by bob )
    thank you so much, i was able to connect it all up even to the hazard lights, sorry about asking for all the help i just confused cause i had a 5 wire actuator and i thought i had to use all the wires. sorry about that and thanks again you have made some one else very happy :)
  148. Comment #148 (Posted by Admin )
  149. Comment #149 (Posted by Paul pereira )
    Hi,could you advise me what I would need to buy to install central locking in a 1986 Toyota hiace van.( two doors,side sliding door and rear door) thanks heaps,paul
  150. Comment #150 (Posted by Admin )
    You need 2 things. 1. Our Remote Central Locking 2. Our sliding door switch
  151. Comment #151 (Posted by Ross )
    I will be purchasing and installing your remote central locking 4 to my Triton Dual cab. Is it possible to use the actuators to secure the windows on the canopy?
  152. Comment #152 (Posted by Admin )
    Yes, people have done this previously.
  153. Comment #153 (Posted by Jeff )
    Hi. I have the Rapid remote central locking. I have installed the actuators and now starting on the wiring. The wiring diagram says to cut the crank wire to the starter motor... This main crank wire is as thick as my thumb! Is it absolutely necessary to cut this large wire or can I just connect the relay at the battery where the crank wire terminates?
  154. Comment #154 (Posted by Admin )
    Cut the main ignition wire behind the key barrel. When this wire is cut, there should be no red lights lighting up on the dash and the car will crank but not start.
  155. Comment #155 (Posted by Jeff )
    That makes more sense - Cheers!
  156. Comment #156 (Posted by Jeff )
    G'day. It's all working great (woohoo) - just need to connect the lights. I can't tell which is the light circuit on the steering column. I have a 2005 Navara DX - can you help with a wire colour please? And out of the 3 brown wires which one/s do I use? Thanks
  157. Comment #157 (Posted by Admin )
    Hi, there's only 2 brown wires that flash when locking/unlocking. As for the indicators, just find the 2 wires one flashes right only and the other flashes left only.
  158. Comment #158 (Posted by Ken Coomber )
    Have just purchased your alarms system and i'm not sure how to connect my central locking actuators. I have a 1979 Corvette Stingray which has door lock actuatiors in both doors. These are controlled by switches in both doors so that the doors can be locked or opened from inside the car. The actuators are two wire units and looking at the wiring diagram they are positive switched both when unlocking and locking, in other words the actuators get a positive feed on one wire for locking then a positive feed on the other wire when unlocking. There are no other relays just the twoo lock/unlock switches. Could you tell me what wires I should use on the system and where to connect them. Thanks Confused
  159. Comment #159 (Posted by Admin )
    Hi, you need to add 2 relays and drive the actuators directly. Your current system is using direct drive via factory switch. Refer relay diagram in alarm manual.
  160. Comment #160 (Posted by Wozza)
    Central Lock Time Option jumper pins on remote keyless entry. Can you explain this to me please. I assume the jumper pins for the Boot Release changes the polarity of the blue wire
  161. Comment #161 (Posted by Admin )
    Hi, some cars require a longer duration to lock/unlock. An example is Mercedez, it needs a 4 second pulse.
  162. Comment #162 (Posted by Owen )
    Hi sir, where can i tap a double switch for operation of unlock and lock principle? from what color of wire? Thanks.
  163. Comment #163 (Posted by Admin )
    Yes, Brown & White wires
  164. Comment #164 (Posted by Owen )
    Sir, i put a switch on brown and white wire w/ connection of ground (negative) but it doesnt work. is there wrong with my connection? what should i do? the only thing i want to have a manual switch for operation of unlock/lock. Thanks in advance sir.
  165. Comment #165 (Posted by Admin )
    White = Negative Lock Brown = Negative Unlock
  166. Comment #166 (Posted by Owen )
    Ah Okay sir. But white and Brown wire is for signal system like remote alarm, right? because i used to tap the white or brown wire with a negative connection, it doesn't work. Do you have a wiring diagram with manual switch connected in central locking?
  167. Comment #167 (Posted by Admin )
  168. Comment #168 (Posted by Tony mercieca )
    i got a unit off ebay all is working ok but i got 2 wires left over and i dont know how to connect them to the blinkers to make them flash when oponing and closing doors can you please help me cheers Tony uep3q6 bxq3t2
  169. Comment #169 (Posted by Admin )
    Hi, use the 2 brown wires that flash when locking/unlocking and connect one to the right indicator and the other to the left.
  170. Comment #170 (Posted by Norm )
    Do the 2 brown wires that connect to the indicator lights just get connected to the lights themselves on a Hilux Workmate and does the pink siren wire connect to the back of the horn ? Thanks.
  171. Comment #171 (Posted by Admin )
    Hi, brown wires output 12v+ (connect to park light or indicator globes) Pink wire is used for an optional siren or can be used to activate the car horn (relay required)
  172. Comment #172 (Posted by geoff)
    ordered the hilux 2 door kit 2/1/14 arrived 3/1/14. Now that's hard to beat, thank you "rapid" E.
  173. Comment #173 (Posted by Keith )
    I have a Nissan Navara D40 RX and was told by Nissan that I can't have Central Locking. One of the Tecnicians reckons I already have the actuators in all the doors (I can lock them all by pushing the Door Lock button on the Drivers door) and said I just need a motor installed and remotes supplied. Any suggestions?
  174. Comment #174 (Posted by Admin )
    Hi, I'm afraid he's mistaken, any car can have central locking, man has gone to the moon, true? All you need as our remote central locking kit, you will need only one actuator which you will install in the drivers door.
  175. Comment #175 (Posted by Rob )
    Hi there had a central locking kit fitted to my 09 navara, king cab ,it works fine but when you push the button to lock/unlock the indicator lights do not flash any help would be fantastic
  176. Comment #176 (Posted by Admin )
    Hi, they need to be connected. Please connect brown output wires to indicator globes
  177. Comment #177 (Posted by Graeme )
    Hi, I want to set up keyless entry/central locking for my 1994 Toyota Spacia, that does not have central locking on the two front doors. There is already a dashboard switch that can lock the side sliding door and the rear door and I've been told if I get a kit I can link into that switch. Is that correct? So then I would need your 2 door version? Thanks for any info.
  178. Comment #178 (Posted by Kent Woodhead )
    Re comment #175-176 How is the best way to connect them? Directly on to the globes? or via the hazard light switch. Cant see how it would make all lights flash?
  179. Comment #179 (Posted by Admin )
    All the globes are connected in a parallel circuit. You connect direct to the globe wire found at the indicator switch.
  180. Comment #180 (Posted by jacob )
    Hey, I installed the kit and programmed the remotes but it will only lock and un lock when you put the remote directly next to the antenna. Also checked the remote batteries and it's all okay but still not working?
  181. Comment #181 (Posted by Admin )
    In this case, I would recommend a bench test. (connect system to a 12v source on a bench and test)
  182. Comment #182 (Posted by jacob )
    I bench tested it before i installed it and it worked fine but still only when the remote was right next to the module. it still works fine in the car but only if the remote is no further than 30cm away from the antenna. could it be the receiver for the antenna?
  183. Comment #183 (Posted by Admin )
    Please send the unit back under warrant using the main website contact us form.
  184. Comment #184 (Posted by Bob Parnell )
    I have a KJ Laser and the central locking is intermittent. First RHR door did not work, then LHR, then all worked sometimes, now none work. Would your kit be suitable to replace existing set-up? is a complete replacement warranted or just door actuators?
  185. Comment #185 (Posted by zac )
    G'day, I was given a complete Rapid remote keyless entry kit with a car I recently purchased (2001 Hilux Extra cab). The hilux doesn't have any central locking at all, just wondering if I am able to purchase actuators etc from you to make up a complete remote central locking system? If it is possible, can you please let me know exactly what I will need to purchase? Thanks, Zac
  186. Comment #186 (Posted by Daniel )
    I've just installed the remote keyless entry system (black wire kit) item #410 to a 92 hilux. All went well but noticed today when I use the indicators while driving all four indicators come on (same as if hazard switch was on). I've connected each blue output wire to each indicator wire in in the steering column so I assume the two blues wires are linked inside the module sending the earth/current to both whenever one indicator is activated. Is there a way to fix or do I have to disconnect from the indicators and hook up to the park lights? Would prefer that the indicators flashed instead of parks. Also I rechecked today and all joins are insulated and not earthing out on each other.
  187. Comment #187 (Posted by Daniel )
    Ignore post 186. I used the existing wiring from the previous central locking system that I installed in the hilux and the wires from the module to the indicators did not have the one way diodes. Just looked at the wiring that came with the kit which do have the diodes. Will swap the two wires out which should fix the "hazard" light turning signals.
  188. Comment #188 (Posted by Matt )
    I have a gu patrol with a weak locking accuator, can I replace 1 with an rapid electronics or do I have to do all 4 doors??
  189. Comment #189 (Posted by Zoenayd )
    Hi I have aftermarket central locking in my 2011 hilux but I want to install a master as when I manually lock and unlock driver door it doesn't lock and unlock other doors so would I be able to use one of your master actuator also would I be able to use the slave actuator on my canopy which is key operated
  190. Comment #190 (Posted by Lenard Newman )
    I just bought this same kit and I was wondering if I can connect to my indicators and what wires do I use and where do I wire them up to cheers.
  191. Comment #191 (Posted by Mike )
    I have a 2003 Nissan Frontier. The problem I have I that the driver door only locks when the key is turned...how can I get all four doors to lock and unlock with the remote with this door locking mechanism.
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